Blackburn Kangaroo  9781906798048

Blackburn Kangaroo

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Series Windsock Datafile 137

Publisher/Brand Albatros

Author Colin Owers

Format a4

No. Pages 36

Version Soft cover

Category Books on aviation

Subcategory WW1

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Product description

It hunted U-boats in the war and ferried passengers about after the Armistice. Not the most elegant of British WWI bombers it's true, but Blackburn's Kangaroo belied its ungainly appearance and proved as rugged as it was reliable. In this new DATAFILE Colin Owers relates the Kangaroo's fascinating history, presenting over 64 rare photos along with colour notes and full tabulation. Marty Digmayer provides nine pages of detailed 1:48 and 1:72 scale drawings, Ronny Bar weighs in with the colour profiles, plus there's contemporary airframe sketches and an evocative front cover painting from Jerry Boucher. Classic!

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