Women of Space, Cool Careers on the final frontiers

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Author Laura S. Woodmansee

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Product description
Exclusive Interviews with
Donna Shirley Manager Mars Pathfinder Program,
Lori Garver and More!
Also includes lengthy video of panel discussing the future of women in Space.

There are all kinds of cool careers in space exploration! Astronauts are the superstars of space, but there are thousands of other women and men behind the scenes who make space exploration possible. Women of Space: Cool Careers on the Final Frontier is for girls, young women, and anyone else interested in learning about exciting careers in space exploration.

Take a ride with Laura S. Woodmansee, author of Women Astronauts, and find out what itís like to be a woman of space. Would you like to know what itís like to be a space scientist searching for life beyond Earth? An engineer designing a spacecraft to send to Mars? Or an artist who creates beautiful space paintings and illustrations?

You can be an accountant, a security officer, a pilot, a doctor, a biologist, a mission control worker, an outreach educator, a teacher, a science writer, or anything else. They are all needed in space exploration.

You donít have to be an astronaut to work in space. You can do anything you want! But if you want to be an astronaut, youíve got to prove yourself first. Astronauts are not born, they start out by doing other jobs that support space. They are chosen to become astronauts because they are the best at what they do. The key is to explore your options and find out what you like to do best.

You will meet over a hundred women who each explore space in a different way. Find out what these women space explorers do, challenges theyíve had to overcome, and what advice they have for you.

Read about how you can get involved in space exploration today. Join the club of cool space explorers who love what theyíre doing and wouldnít trade their career for a million bucks!

For the next generation of explorers, Women of Space: Cool Careers on the Final Frontier is more than just career advice. Itís packed with interesting stories from women all over the planet who are doing what they love!

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