WW1 French Pilot

Product code AC483F

Scale 1 : 48

Publisher/Brand Alley Cat

Version Resin

Category Scale Modelling

Subcategory Model accessories » Crew

Availability Product out of stock and no longer available.

Mind: this product is an accessory to an existing or to a yet to be assembled scalemodel. The scalemodel is not included and needs to be ordered separately.

Product description

The figure has all authentic seams and deatails within the uniform. He has epaulette buttons and 3 medals on his left chest and a pair of french pilot wings over his right pocket. He his wearing the standard French flying helmet.

Included with this set is an alternative head with a "Roold" helmet, this is a cork helmet with a leather helmet insert with a peak for ear protection. These would have been covered with either leather or khaki cloth

His uniform is the officers "Bleu Azur" with puttees and leather ankle boots

Also included is an alternative right arm as the arm is straight and does not have a finger pose for a cigarette

Multi-piece resin cast figures that require assembly and painting
Sculpted by: Jim Raynor

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